Introduction for “The Wisdom of Zoroaster in the Zend Avesta” – Petra Meyer

A zoom talk by Petra Meyer

Sunday 3rd March  –  6pm UK Time

The Zend Avesta of Zarathustra – or Zoroaster in Greek – is one of the oldest scriptures in human history – it essentially means ‘Book of Life’. Zarathustra is a generic name and was given to the great teachers of Zoroastrianism at different epochs in time, variously called Mazdanism, Parseeism or Fire-Worship.

The Zend Avesta is a recapitulation of previous ancient traditions, lost in the mist of history, written in early heliolithic pictographs and ideograms – starting from a point in boundless Space as it is also described in the Proem of the SD – demonstrating that every true Philosophy comes from the same source.

Petra Meyer worked as a Legal Secretary in a Chemical Company in Essen/Germany. In 1984 she moved from Germany to England with her family. She joined the TS in 1991 and the Blavatsky Lodge in 1992. In 2016 she became President of the Blavatsky Lodge, a position which she still holds.


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March 3 @ 18:00
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Petra Meyer