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Meetings take place every 4th Saturday at 2pm


Meetings take place on Saturdays at 2pm

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Nottingham Events


24th March

Susan Leybourne

"Neoplatonic Thought & the Ascent of the Soul."

28th April

Tim Wyatt

"Secrets of infinity:
navigating the Cycles of life & death"

26th May

Sally Singer Fraser

"The Inner Dancer, a Pathway to Initiation."

23rd June

John Holden

"Your body as a soul vehicle. An Eastern and Western perspective, (with some energy exercises)"

28th July

Ted Capstick

"Psychology of the Path of Return:
Personality Integration."


"Summer School - The Pillars of Wisdom"

22nd September

Dr. Beverley Steffert

"Energy Waves & Consciousness."

27th October

Leslie Price

"Dr. Annie Besant: A Theosophical Life"

24th November

Joseph O'Hanlon

"Holy Books & Holy Wars"

2nd December

No Meeting. (Weekend before Christmas.)


Nottingham Lodge


Join us for a STUDY GROUP

"What can we learn from Theosophy, and 'The Secret Doctrine' for 21st Century Life?"

Every Fourth Saturday at 11am


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or call 0116 289 5882 in the evening.